The severe pain caused by facial neuralgia disappeared after using Spooky2 Scalar

Ok, this is weird… I´ve slept in the scalar field for the first night. For the past 3 solid weeks I´ve been in severe pain due to facial neuralgia, and I was unable to sleep without heavy pain killers (morphine). So yesterday I received my scalar device and directly plugged it in and started the treatment (lids left and right from the bed). At first, I´ve put one pill of the morphine on the receiver coil and then waited for the pain to occur….. nothing…. no pain. After some 2 hours, I took away the morphine and replaced it with frankincense oil and waited for the pain again….. nothing. So over the entire day, I did not get any pain at all. So bedtime was ahead and this was always the time with the most and horrible pain I´ve ever experienced!!! Everybody that had facial neuralgia knows what I´m talking about. So, usually, I had to take 2 morphine pills during the night for the past weeks. The last night was very different…. no pills… no pain at all. I am in awe!!! Let´s see what happens!!! Thank you Spooky2 Scalar !!!


2 thoughts on “The severe pain caused by facial neuralgia disappeared after using Spooky2 Scalar

  1. Sue says:

    I, too, have bouts of facial (trigeminal) neuralgia. I have the scalar and sleep in the field nightly but it didn’t seem to relieve my pain but I used only pure scalar with no meds or oils being transmitted. I did use my mini magic device, stacking the coils and placing them just in front of my ear. Within a half hour the pain was completely gone. I felt it coming back a couple days later and repeated the process and it has been gone completely! Love my mini magic and my scalar!

    1. Hi, Sue. Thanks for your comment. We recommend that you try to put substances on the receiver coil. Looking forward to your feedback!

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