Spooky2 Scalar Success Story – Stage 4 Lung Cancer Remission Using Spooky2 Scalar

Stacy Sun

This success story is shared by our Spooky2 user Stacy Sun. She has used Spooky2 treating her breast problem and used Spooky2 Scalar for her sister’s Lung Cancer with great success. After using Spooky2 Scalar for three months, the doctor said that cancer on her sister’s lung was 70% reduced and the water in lungs was totally gone. What an amazing story!

The following reports are received today from Stacy Sun’s sister. She is having remarkable improvements from Spooky2 Scalar treatment. All Cancer Markers are dropping significantly. The Tumor Marker Test results are shown below:

  1. Yours is a truly inspiring story, thanks for sharing. May I ask, how long where your scalar sessions each day?

    • She did several hours before sleep.

    • Very inspired by these results, did she “modulate” the scalar field in any way? such as with rife frequencies or by placing a medication or remedy on the receiver? if so, can you share the “protocol” she followed? and would you care to share her current numbers? is her tumor now completely gone?

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