Spooky2 Scalar Just Amazing

Spooky2 Scalar Just Amazing

My Spooky2 Scalar arrived yesterday before time with FedEx.

Yesterday Positive Outcomes:

I have set it up such that the centerline of the Antenna Lids is at the centerline of my Body, the distance between the Antenna Lids is 326 cm apart and I have the Lids otherwise exactly aligned.

I measured the maximum width of the Scalar Field to be 125 cm.

My tuning of the Scalar gave me a reading of 6 MHz. I relaxed in the Scalar Field for 1 hour and 45 minutes and it felt great with tingling in my whole Body.

I have shut down both of my Generator X as I am excited to see how I feel in the morning by just using the Scalar Field.

Today Positive Outcomes:

Well I just woke up and I can honestly say this is the first time I have slept without having terrible Pain in both upper Arms such that before I would sleep 10 minutes and then due to pain I would have to turn and then the same thing again due to pain, just tossing and turning intermittently every 10 minutes and very fatiguing. THE PAIN IS GONE AND I AM AMAZED.

Just about every Morning for many years I have woken up very stiff yet this Morning I am 50% less stiff JUST AMAZING

What a beautifully designed, sturdy fantastic Spooky2 Scalar.

Blessings and Enlightenment to all Derek

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