Spooky2 Scalar helps me regain a new life from the despair of UCTD. 

Western medicine failed me. After the pursuit of a diagnosis for 20 years, I was finally diagnosed with Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (UCTD), a precursor to Lupus. Once diagnosed, it became very apparent my doctors were going to do very little to relieve my pain and extreme fatigue. They suggested “aqua therapy” And a NDAID as the treatment of choice. Their lack of inaction after my 20-year search was devastating.

I thoroughly researched Rife and Scalar Wave therapy and quickly concluded the combo was right for my situation. I set up my Spooky2 Scalar six weeks ago and immediately began running Scalar with appropriate Rife frequencies In combination. I am beginning to have more energy, my pain is reduced, and I am starting to regain my life back after nearly two years essentially bed-bound. Detox is a very important part of the treatment so don’t forget to frequently run detox programs to clear the waste products from the blood and body.

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