Seven years of Toenail Fungus was gone by using Spooky2 Scalar

This Spooky2 Scalar story is shared by Paula Quenelle. She has used Scalar for a year, and tried to improve her 33 years of fibromyalgia. Scalar helped her to raise life quality greatly.

Recently, she discoverd an unexpected improvement she hadn’t paid attention to before. The toenail fungus she had tried fighting for about 7 years was gone. And everything she had done is Spooky2 Scalar.

Another interesting thing is her sister, who doesn’t believe in any non-traditional treatments, let Paula Quenelle try Spooky2 Scalar field on her and now she asks for it regularly!

Paula Quenelle is very happy that she chose Spooky2, and is also looking forward to adding more Spooky2 products. She loves Spooky2 amazing products and customer support!

2 thoughts on “Seven years of Toenail Fungus was gone by using Spooky2 Scalar

  1. Byron says:

    Thats great Paula! Congratulations. Can you share with us how often you used the scalar, how long of a session, did you use anything in the field or scalar alone?

    Continued success, Byron

    1. Dear Byron, thanks for your comment. Welcome to post your questions under the post and that make it easier for Paula to see your question and answer you.

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