Remarkable Improving Blood Markers for Cancer

This review is shared by our user Charlie Blanchard. He has used Spooky2 Scalar for two months and gets a lot of benefits, such as: better and deeper sleep, more overall health, remarkable pain relief in bones, improving blood markers for cancer, clear head, better moods.

  1. How did you use the scalar? How many time were you exposed ?Associated with spooky? Essential oil? Alone? Others ? Thank you 🙏

    • Hi Jean-Luc, here is what Charlie Blanchard replies:
      I almost never just use plain Scalar.
      I always have at least one molecular substance on the receiver plate, and almost always more than one.
      I run an Xm generator with the Scalar using various programs/presets except during GenX biofeedback scanning.
      If you have more questions, you can join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2scalar/ and ask him directly.

  2. That is fantastic! It’s great to be able to hear examples of how Spooky Scalar is working.

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