My energy system really climbed after multiple tests by using Scalar Essential Kit

When I receive my GEN-X Scalar kit, the first thing I will do is measure my energy system using my GDV BIO-WELL “before” measurement and graphic representation of what’s going on around my body and organs, etc.

I want to experiment by using a portable (ruby red laser) fixing it onto a small tripod and aim it to strike the “crystal skull” in between the boxes, with myself of course in the middle with the crystal. If I don’t do this I will never truly know the power of scalar has on the crystals, I am using the crystal skull because it somehow triggers either the human brain or consciousness and focuses it elsewhere! I know it’s hard for me to know if a crystal is charged by holding it.

I use my SE-51000 to measure the 0-100% and from tenths/hundreds/thousands of a percent. I can charge a single crystal, my wife places it and mixes it with similar crystal in a pile while I am in another room. I come out place each crystal on the input plate and begin to measure. All lower and lowest readings are tossed out and when I measure the following crystal and the percent of energies really climbs, I tell her this is the one! We did these tests ten or 15X’s and I never missed once!

When I charge the crystals I use the chakra program in my SE-5 and I run it for several hours in balance mode. It to has a very small scalar box built into the circuit board with just a single wire wound over itself and then back to the batter source, causing it to cancel at the individual node points, thus theoretically creating a small fracture into the scalar wave. On information can go through this nothing big. So, I realize what John has made will be gladly received by me.

If I charge anything with these scalar devices, my SE-51000 will give me tens/hundreds percent or thousands or ten thousand percent! Of course, using the BIO-WELL to see the scalar treatments are having an effect on me, this will help tweak certain experimental programs I use from week to week.

Just to let the curious know, if you’re going to invest in anything, do it here! Because my SE-51000 cost me with a few extras around $8000.00! The only ones who would do what I do, would be funded researchers! It’s only a suggestion!

Good Fortune hunters in the night!

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