My dog was diagnosed with a heart murmur, grade 3. Now, he looks like a new dog after sitting in scalar field.

I have a good success story. My dog (pitbull) was diagnosed with a heart murmur, grade 3. The vet wanted to put him on meds but I wanted to treat him in my way. I saw he was becoming very lazy lately and doing things like sleeping upstairs while the family was downstairs — not like him. I actually took him to the vet for a nail trimming when the vet told me about the murmur. I took a nail sample put it in the generator and started to run “heart tonic for animals, heart function normalize, heart function balance and heart general” I saw a difference in him in a few hrs. He wasn’t sleeping upstairs anymore. He had more pep in his step. I then decided to set up the scalar right where he sleeps. Funny, how at first he didn’t want to sleep there, but when I coaxed him on his bed, he then liked it a lot. He started to sleep on his bed even more than before, you can tell he knew and felt something in there and liked it. After 1 night in the scalar, he was like a new dog. He had a lot more energy, was running around like himself years ago. You can see a major major difference. Another thing I noticed was when the vet told me about the murmur, I noticed when he was laying down, you can see the heart muscle-flexing, even slight spasms it seemed. Now, I can hardly see any of that anymore when he lays down. Totally new dog. If your animal gets diagnosed with a heart murmur, and he shows symptoms of laziness, not themselves, can see the heart muscle under some stress…do what I did, you will be amazed.


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