Molecular Sacalar: Just like I had the oil directly on my skin

Molecular transmission via Spooky Scalar? I did the following test: I filled Japanese mint oil with a very high menthol content into a small glass vial and placed it on the receiver coil. Then I lay down in the scalar field and waited. To my greatest astonishment, after about 10 minutes I noticed the effect almost the same as if I had rubbed the oil directly on my skin. The cooling effect on my skin, but not the burning sensation was clearly felt. Well, I thought to myself, that can also be my imagination. So I repeated this test on three consecutive days. The same phenomenon every time, though not as strong as the first time. Maybe my body was already used to the oil. Perhaps one or the other Scalar user would like to take this test and report whether he or she has the same experience. In my opinion, it would be proof that real molecules are actually being transferred into the system.


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