I could really feel a deep relaxation after using Spooky2 Scalar for an hour.

I got my scalar delivered yesterday. I was so happy receiving it. I ran it with water on the output coil and bee pollen on the input. After just an hour I could really feel a deep relaxation. I ran just pure scalar through the night and when I woke up I felt more rested then I can remember. I’ve had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia since I was 11 years old after an EBV infection.

I can’t wait to see the long term results from using scalar and I also am running the morgellons and lyme protocoll for me and my entire family.

I have so many ideas I want to experiment with the scalar. Truly looking forwards to this journey.

I’m so grateful for all the devices from spooky2.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2scalar/permalink/466270563946507/


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