Higher Energy Levels, Better Sleep, Stronger Immunity, Better Physical Complex

I’m so excited to share the last results curtesy of the Spooky2 Scalar.

This incredible piece of technology found frequencies that were specific to me without the need to be connected. And – even more impressively – without the need for a biological sample.

This is truly groundbreaking and has enormous implications for the field of energy medicine.

What happened?

Just a few days ago, I conducted a test using the Scalar device. What happened next was incredible…

The Scalar device provided frequencies that correspond to abdominal inflammation, amenorrhea, and hormonal disorders.

Why is this such a significant result?

Put simply; I was having my period. The device was easily able to detect all of the associated symptoms of a menstrual cycle. Again, without the need to be connected.

You may be wondering how this works…

It’s so straightforward. The Scalar device is placed vertically above head and feet, so that the body is engulfed in the Scalar energy. The device will then provide a reading.

Bear in mind that if the other equipment such as Generator X or Finger pulse equipment is not well installed, it will not produce frequencies.

Healing potential…

What’s more, the results of the treatment have been equally amazing.

I’m experiencing increased energy levels, better sleep, improved immunity, better physical complex (almost like rejuvenation qualities), and the killing of pathogenic microbes that cause disease.

I will not hesitate to recommend this new device from the Spooky2 team; the Scalar Digitizer is exceptionally accurate and efficient as a treatment for any condition.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/spooky2scalar/posts/2776634695726733

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