Fibromyalgia Reduced and Sleep Improved by Using GX and Scalar

I have had my Scalar for about 3 months and sleep in the field most nights. I run it in Rife mode plus with 5 oils on the receiver coil. I have Lavender, oregano, frankincense, peppermint and geranium.

I also imprint to a glass of water on the transmitter plate. I also run 4 channels on my generators mostly in remote with programs from M&L protocol and detox sometimes newport adaptions.

I have been rifing for a year now. Healing chronic illness takes time. I started with one GX. I added a GX plus an XM giving me 5 channels. And now I have added the scalar.

Improvement that I have noted since rifing. I no longer sweat profusely. My facial palsy has got less. Since I have added the scalar, my sleep patterns and quality of sleep has been improved and I have more energy and optimism. Fibromyalgia has reduced and hard reactions have lessened mostly.

There is a way to go yet but I feel the improvement has been more noticeable since I got the scalar. Salutations And I wish you every success in your healing journey. Mostly, I don’t really know 100 per cent what I am doing so it is all experimental with me.


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