Fibromyalgia, Cold, Bronchitis and COPD are All Eased

I love my Scalar. My 35-year fibromyalgia is improving and I am able to do more than before scalar. My 5 siblings and their spouses think this is crazy “new age” stuff but one such sister has come to love the scalar and asks for treatment. She still avoids anything considered “new age” (even vitamins!) but she’s now devoted to the scalar. She has COPD and is pretty sensitive so I was shocked that she wants to use it regularly. I can’t do without it. My sleep is so much better and it just makes you feel better. I normally get colds and bronchitis regularly (my sister too) but not since using my Scalar, which I’ve used for a year now. So happy to have it. My sister hasn’t gotten bronchitis either since using it.


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