My friend’s energy levels and kidney function are improved by Spooky2 Scalar.

I have a friend who got ill. I suspected bacteria that was causing lots of bowel dysfunction, (diarrhea). Did better but finally went to the hospital when blood pressure became very low. MD diagnosed that his Kidneys were failing. Said dialysis for rest of life but several days later in the hospital he recovered. I gave him my scalar and GenX to use and has been using as often as possible. Energy levels are increasing and kidney function improving. Yesterday his MD prescribed a diuretic to help with his bilateral leg edema. He placed the diuretic on the receiver coil as I had mentioned once before (with supplements) and he read up on it. This morning he reported that he used the scalar with the diuretic overnight while sleeping and when he woke there was no edema. By noon when he called he said he has lost 5-6 pounds.


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