Chemo and Spooky2 Scalar

I am on the last of my 6 chemo sessions.

4 days ago, I turned off my scalar machine which is based across 2 bedrooms and is left on continuously for when I am sleeping or laying on the bed, this runs on pure scalar only. I wanted to see if it was doing any good or if it was just a placebo effect. Yesterday and the day before, were the absolute worst days I have ever had for energy loss and feeling awful since starting the chemo course 4 months ago.

I didn’t even have the strength to get my socks on and it took all my energy to pull myself out of the armchair. I have never known my energy to be so low. Then I remembered the scalar, I turned it back on and laid on the bed. 1 hour later I began feeling a little better. 2 hours later I was feeling good, not just energy but emotionally. My head and feelings had come back out of this big dark hole. A few hours later I went and had a fantastic sleep.

I woke up today with my emotions and energy levels good (considering the chemo) The scalar doesn’t make my chemo side effects or feeling awful go away (mind you, I didn’t try those!) but it does make the almost unbearable just plain awful. I can now believe that the scalar is a great help with energy levels.


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