After a half hour my wife told me lavender makes her nose run.

Got my scalar 9 days ago. Haven’t used my plasma since.

I got stung by something yesterday morning. It bothered me all day. This is unusual. Maybe a scorpion because bee stings don’t bother me much. After 10 hours I had had enough and looked for essential oils to help. Tea tree and lavender came up. I applied lavender and put the bottle on the input coil. We were treating sore muscles. After a half hour my wife told me lavender makes her nose run. My sting was feeling much better so I washed it off and removed the bottle from the coil. Within minutes my sting was burning and hurting again so we put tea tree oil bottle on the input coil and soon it felt better again. After an hour my wife said she was removing the bottle. Within 5 minutes it was hurting again. We put the lavender bottle on the coil and the pain went away. Left it all night using just scalar waves. I’m fine this morning.

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