After 20 minutes, I felt MUCH MUCH better!

Hello to all the “Scalar and Rife users” after having experimented for long days GX and XM in DETOX (tiring but necessary …) I studied the maximum witnessing and explanations on the Scalar in all forums. Then I made my first connection between the suitcases this morning! Migraine that has been dragging for two days (not too strong but painful) with pain in the nape of the neck and on the shoulders and upper back.

I placed the suitcases two meters away. I started with 15 minutes of pure waves and then placed two analgesics and a cocktail of essential oils on the platform(Receiver coil). After 20 minutes I felt MUCH MUCH better! I went to lunch and I did a 30-minute session again with the same process. It is extremely encouraging.

Thanks again to John and all the members involved in this noble cause👏 , these tools are really amazing !! 


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