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SWD VS. Spooky2 Scalar: Which produces more EMF?

Recently, people have asked us about the EMF emissions being produced by Spooky Scalar. A scalar expert (Professor Meyl Konstantin ) had told them that Spooky2 Scalar produced more EMF than his own SWD scalar device.

So, we did a comparison test to find the facts.

An experiment was carefully set up to avoid any bias in the results. The distance between the transmitter and receiver was kept constant. Electrical emissions were measured using a precision Trifield electronic meter.

This chart shows the results of the experiment:

The results showed that Spooky2 Scalar does NOT emit more EMF than the SWD, despite having a stronger scalar field; the SWD has a 5v supply and Spooky2 Scalar has a 12v supply.

3 thoughts on “SWD VS. Spooky2 Scalar: Which produces more EMF?

  1. Sandra says:

    Interesting , is there a device that I can use to prove that the Spooky 2 scalar field is created properly ? I know that SWD has some kind of build in function that ensures that their scalar field is maintained at all times , which is definetely a bonus . Please advise if there is a possibility to check that we created the standing energy field properly with my Spooky scalar . at home 🙂

  2. Jeremy Ball says:

    What is the difference between standard electric field and weighted electric field?

    1. The weighted mode is applicable for those concerned over the effect of EMF on the human body. The purpose for the weighted version is as follows: The amount of energy induced into living tissue from a 100 Hz frequency at 1000 V/m, would be twice as much over the same period as a 50 Hz frequency at the same 1000 V/m strength. A frequency weighted TriField meter will indicate that the 100 Hz signal is twice the level of the 50 Hz even though their actual strength was the same.

      The standard mode on the TriField EMF Meter measures the actual electric and magnetic field with a flat frequency response. For epistemological scientific applications, the standard frequency mode is applicable.

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