Spooky2 Scalar Special Offers for Chinese New Year 2021

Dear Spooky2 friends,

How’s your New Year going so far?

Just when you begin to feel the New Year spirit is slowly fading away, Chinese New Year is approaching! This is the grandest festival in China that represents the hope for a prosperous and contented year, and we would like to pass our happiness forward with every member in this Spooky2 family.

To celebrate this New Year of the Ox with everyone, we are having a Chinese New Year Sale! Gifts will be included with every order from 6:00 p.m. February 8th to 6:00 p.m. February 18th (UTC+8):

  • Orders between $50 to $1000: Spooky2 Charging Cable 3-in-1
  • Orders over $1000 (including $1000): Spooky2 Charging Cable 3-in-1 + Spooky2 Flash Drive 32G

In addition, we are giving a 3% coupon for all Spooky2 supporters on enter code springfestival to receive your discount!

Note: New Year coupon cannot be used together with other coupons and expires when the New Year Sale ends.

Let’s celebrate this New Year of the Ox together! Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Wishing you all the best in this New Year! May it bless you with health, wealth, and happiness.

We convert the Chinese New Year Sale period to your local time zone:
1. New York, USA (UTC-5): 5:00 AM Feb 8th to 5:00 AM Feb 18th
2. Vancouver, Canada (UTC-8): 2:00 AM Feb 8th to 2:00 AM Feb 18th
3. Sydney, Australia (UTC+11): 9:00 PM Feb 8th to 9:00 PM Feb 18th
4. London, United Kingdom (UTC+0): 10:00 AM Feb 8th to 10:00 AM Feb 18th
5. Berlin, Germany (UTC+1): 11:00 AM Feb 8th to 11:00 AM Feb 18th

NOTE: Due to the coming Chinese New Year Holiday, all the freight forwarders will not be processing orders from 6:00 PM Feb 8th to 17th (UTC+8). Orders made during the holiday are going to experience some delay. All orders will be processed as soon as possible after the holiday. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

2 thoughts on “Spooky2 Scalar Special Offers for Chinese New Year 2021

  1. Bonnie Henderson says:

    I want to purchase a Spooky2. However, I’m a geezer (74) and know only enough technology (search things on the web, email, laptop, android phone). I have tried so hard to follow your FB site and read as much as possible about this wonderful machine that has roots in Royal Rife’s time which I have known about for 2 decades. I’m in great health, but my hubby was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last week, and has lost a lot of muscle mass. I’d buy your unit (and I know there’s no guarantees) if only a representative could help me set it up. We live in St Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, FL area. I’d be willing to pay a person up to $200 who owns a Spooky 2 to drive to our house once to set it up for me. I do catch on to new things well, and once it’s set up & with your list of frequencies, I can read up on that & won’t need his/her help later. I’d like to set it up for treatment & detox. So far he’s not in pain. Thanks if you can help me help my wonderful hubby.

    1. Dear Bonnie. There are successful cases in our testimonials through using Scalar.
      And here is instruction about Scalar setup.
      Hope it helps you.

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