Spooky2 Scalar Online Training Course — Spooky2 Scalar+4 modes

We are delighted to have Dorinel Patriche as our host in this training webinar.

Training: Spooky2 Scalar+4 modes
Date: Tuesday, October 18th, 2022
Time: 8:00 AM Nanjing, China (GMT+8.00)
Trainer: Dorinel Patriche

Dorinel Patriche is a private user of Spooky2, who has been studying Nicola Tesla’s scalar energy, Royal Rife’s Mortal Oscillation Rate (MOR), and Recent advancements in Bio-resonance and Biofeedback. He also practices and teaches energy healing arts like Qigong and Reiki. He is an electronic engineer with a minor in medical electronics. Also, he loves Martial Arts. He has over 40 years of experience and a number of patents, both in Romania and North America.

In this course, Dorinel Patriche will present a basic overview of Spooky2 technologies, modes of Spooky2, and how Spooky2 can work for you. This course is specially designed for new Spooky2 customers who are new to Spooky2 and interested in Spooky2 devices. Hopefully, you can start your own Spooky2 experience easier after attending this course.

During this training course, Dorinel Patriche will share:

➢ Spooky2 Scalar Introduction
➢ Scalar Setup and Tuning
➢ Three Different Scalar modes: Pure Scalar, Molecular Scalar, and Rife Scalar.
➢ How to use Scalar Harmony
➢ Scalar Imprinting
➢ Q&A.

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We convert the time to your local time zone:
1. New York, USA (UTC-4): 08:00 PM October 17th
2. Vancouver, Canada (UTC-7): 05:00 PM October 17th
3. Sydney, Australia (UTC+11): 11:00 AM October 18th
4. London, United Kingdom (UTC+1): 01:00 AM October 18th
5. Berlin, Germany (UTC+2): 02: 00 AM October 18th

If you have any questions about this live show, please feel free to ask Dorinel Patriche directly or send us an email at [email protected]. After the webinar, we will edit the most exciting parts and make a small video for all of you.

6 thoughts on “Spooky2 Scalar Online Training Course — Spooky2 Scalar+4 modes

  1. Kim Heisler says:

    I recently learned of Spooky2 from a friend of mine using it now for quite some time. I am very interested in finding out more and most likely getting a unit or two for my own use. Any way I can get the replay to learn even more? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Kim. Here are some related training courses that may help you:

  2. Josephine Backus says:

    Why would the scalar unit red light repeatedly blink, this is the first time I’ve noticed this. Does that mean it not set up correctly?

    1. Hi Josephine. Please kindly have the two lids face each other. The receiver light is only for double-checking that the scalar field is formed. It doesn’t have real functionality. A brighter receiver light doesn’t mean a stronger scalar field. So you don’t need to get the receiver light to reach the brightest.

      To tune Scalar, please turn on and tune the transmitter. Then turn the Tuning Adjustment knob anticlockwise until the Tuning Light beside the transmitter coil is at its first maximum brightness. You can check if there’s transmission between the transmitter and the receiver by pressing the LED light on the receiver. If it’s on, it means yes. And please be kindly noted that the LED light on the receiver should be turned off while using.

      If you still have any questions about the light, please contact our service team to help you via [email protected].

  3. Manuel Jesus says:

    Please webinar for 09H00 at 21H00 UTC for Europa, GMT+08H00 China is not good.
    Manuel Jesus

    1. Hi Manuel. Thanks for your comment, we would forward your suggestion to our staff. We recommend you join the online webinar if you are free. If not, we’ll upload a replay for you to watch on our channel. Thanks for your understanding. 😀

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