Spooky2 Scalar Fluorescent Tube Experiment

When Spooky2 Scalar is running, you can’t see much happening. You can push the tuning light and you can see the tuning light coming on, indicating energy flow between the transmitter and the receiver. You can have indication of the energy by placing a fluorescent tube on the output coil. The tube will start to glow.

  1. I tried this experiment and the tube did not light. I am using an 18 Inch T8 Fluorescent tube. Is that correct?

    • Detailed operation steps of the experiment you need to know.
      1. Turn on the Spooky2 Scalar
      2. Put the tube on the coil of transmitter side.
      3. Hold two-third of the tube in your hand.
      4. Use your finger to touch around the tube.
      For more details, you can check this video: https://youtu.be/DBaPyzfX4oE

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