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Spooky2 Scalar: A Natural Healing Therapy for Hip Pain

The hip joint is the largest single joint in our body, located at the root of the thigh. It plays an important role in supporting and balancing our body when we are moving about, and maintaining the pelvic inclination angle, so we are not leaning to one side.

With greater use comes more severe deterioration. Hip pain occurs in almost everyone, especially elders with arthritis and bone fractures. Besides, people who are always moving their hips in all directions, for example, dancers and gymnasts, are more prone to hip pain due to overuse.

And, except for the natural wear and tear of the hip, there exist many other triggers to hip pain.

What causes hip pain?

Hip pain may result from daily wear and tear, but it can also be the symptom of some underlying diseases.

Arthritis. It is a common disease occurring mostly among the elders. It causes pain and swelling in the joints. Hip pain is commonly a symptom of hip arthritis. In addition, other kinds of arthritis, like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis, also will cause pain in the hip.

Bursitis. Bursae are a cushion for our joints. If the bursae get stimulated or injured, they will be swollen and causes bursitis, bringing pain to your hip.

Tumors. People having bone cancer will experience hip pain due to tumors in the hip bone. The condition will worsen when the tumors spread to other parts of your body.

How to relieve you from hip pain?

Painkillers. Imagine you get sleepless at night because of hip pain. Ibuprofen might be your first choice of painkiller. However, taking medicines can calm your pain with a higher dose, but its side effect cannot be ignorable.

Physiotherapy. It is possible to get hip pain when we improperly move or stretch the hip by accident. Physiotherapy can help relax the muscles, relieve pain, and adjust bad posture guided by a professional physiotherapist.

Surgery. People who have hip pain due to hip fracture or injury to the hip are likely to undergo surgery, but it often takes more time to recover and has many side effects.

Spooky2 Scalar: A Natural Healing Therapy for Hip Pain

Medicines or surgeries can keep you away from hip pain to some extent, but the side effect is quite significant. Fortunately, Spooky2 Scalar can solve the problem for you.

As an advanced scalar machine, Spooky2 Scalar produces scalar energy to help you retain the optimal energy level of your body. It can target damaged and malfunctioning cells around the hip and accelerate blood flow and metabolism.

The machine offers three modes, pure scalar, molecular scalar, and Rife scalar. You can choose one that suits you the best.

For Rife scalar, you can follow the steps below:
Step 1: Correctly place Spooky2 Scalar devices.
Step 2: Connect GeneratorX Pro to Spooky2 Scalar and tune Spooky2 Scalar.
Step 3: Open Spooky2 software. Go to the Presets tab and click Shell (Empty) Presets > Scalar > Spooky Scalar General (SS) – JW. Then go to the Programs tab and search “Arthritis”, and you will see a series of programs. Double-click on the programs you need.

Step 4: Go to the Control tab and choose “Overwrite Generator.” Open a generator port and click the “Start” button.

Step Step 5: Fully relax between the Transmitter and Receiver while the programs are running.

2 thoughts on “Spooky2 Scalar: A Natural Healing Therapy for Hip Pain

  1. jack neidlinger says:

    I have all of Rife product and would like to try scalar. I am unable to obtain . Due to lack of funds. Mom my not getting amnesia and child like behavior correct Ed by what I have. Do you have affiliate programs? Do you sell reconstruction devises. I need loan or help some how. I need sleep before I become crazy dealings with the very bad behavior. I don’t know what program to run on Rife to fix bad behavior from brain trama. 117 cross creek drive Pottsville pa 17901. 5703854608. Please assist me if possible thanks

    1. Hi Jack. You can search the keywords of the disease you need such as “brain” in the Spooky2 database to find related frequencies. If you want to purchase Scalar, we also accept installment payments through PayPal on our website and you can split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments with no late fees. Learn more from here:

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