Thanksgiving Day

Share Your Spooky2 Scalar Story and Win a Prize 2020!

This year has been full of achievement and development. We received many inspiring stories and useful frequency discoveries from YOU all over the world. It’s your knowledge and advice that helped many other Spooky2 users around the world.

In this month of celebrating achievements, we’d love to hear from you again.

Time: November 2nd to 25th

Content: Share your story with Spooky2 Scalar on this page, or send it to us through [email protected] (we will help to put yours on the page). You can also vote for your favorite story on this page.

The top 15 winners(who get the most votes) will get FREE prizes!

Prizes for winners:

No.1: This prize will go to the best video story, and the winner will receive a Spooky2 Central with Straight Plasma Tube or a Spooky2 Scalar (The prize will only be rewarded if the best video story is also the most popular story amongst all.)

No.2-3: Spooky2 Portable Essential Kit (If the best story is a written piece, it will receive this prize, and the prize for others will also move down respectively.)

No.4-6: Spooky2 Portable Starter’s Kit

No.7-15: Spooky2 Cold Laser Twin or Wrist / PEMF Coil / Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer

NOTE: All the shipping charges of prizes will be paid by Spooky2.

For more detailed information about this activity, please check this page.

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