Remarkable Improving Blood Markers for Cancer

This review is shared by our user Charlie Blanchard. He has used Spooky2 Scalar for two months and gets a lot of benefits, such as: better and deeper sleep, more overall health, remarkable pain relief in bones, improving blood markers for cancer, clear head, better moods.

Charlie Blanchard

Gliomas Under My Chin be Healed With Spooky2 Scalar

Hello Lee, my client D who is desperately ill, has been using the Scalar machine since it arrived 2 weeks ago.. about 6 times 5 hours each time. He has a transplanted bone as a jaw on one side…this has always been badly infected and has a large area of pus there. It has been like that since I have been seeing him approx 2 years. I was delighted to observe him today. A hole area of his jaw has healed with new skin covering and can only be due to the Scalar machine. Will keep you posted.

Also, my own scan showed 3 gliomas. ..one can be seen under the chin, had it for a couple of years..this initially became larger, then started to form a dried off scab in the center.. this is much smaller now and the center is flaking away. Hurrah. there are the photos of the jaw, as you can see it no longer has the weeping puss that it has had for 5 years.

Best wishes, Janet Jeanes.

Janet Jeanes

Spooky2 Scalar Just Amazing

Spooky2 Scalar Just Amazing

My Spooky2 Scalar arrived yesterday before time with FedEx.

Yesterday Positive Outcomes:

I have set it up such that the centerline of the Antenna Lids is at the centerline of my Body, the distance between the Antenna Lids is 326 cm apart and I have the Lids otherwise exactly aligned.

I measured the maximum width of the Scalar Field to be 125 cm.

My tuning of the Scalar gave me a reading of 6 MHz. I relaxed in the Scalar Field for 1 hour and 45 minutes and it felt great with tingling in my whole Body.

I have shut down both of my Generator X as I am excited to see how I feel in the morning by just using the Scalar Field.

Today Positive Outcomes:

Well I just woke up and I can honestly say this is the first time I have slept without having terrible Pain in both upper Arms such that before I would sleep 10 minutes and then due to pain I would have to turn and then the same thing again due to pain, just tossing and turning intermittently every 10 minutes and very fatiguing. THE PAIN IS GONE AND I AM AMAZED.

Just about every Morning for many years I have woken up very stiff yet this Morning I am 50% less stiff JUST AMAZING

What a beautifully designed, sturdy fantastic Spooky2 Scalar.

Blessings and Enlightenment to all Derek

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Derek Stone

Sleeping Between the Unit and Have had Some Wonderful Results

We have been sleeping between the unit and have had some wonderful results woke up several times during night soaking wet from sweat but the pain is gone. Thank you for the help and good timing and thank you Jim if anybody needs help in states you can forward my contact if you want.


Great Success With Spooky2 Scalar on Breast Cancer

Woman around 45 years. 2 years ago had surgery for breast cancer. Did not want chemo or radiation therapy in the hospital. Her wish was to be treated with the Spooky Plasma.

I treated her until mamma CA was no longer to be found in my EAV test. Now after 2 years on a checkup in the hospital they found another tumor at the same breast.
This time another type, hormone sensitive. She is in menopause now so her hormones were out of balance. CT scan and biopsies were not good. Grade 2.

What I did:
1st session (week 1): I took 4 CC of her morning urine (taken with her from home) and mixed it with a tablet of 1000mg Vitamin C. I do not have any chemo substances, but I found on the internet that Vit C is toxic for cancer in vitro and in vivo. Additionally, I took 3 blood samples on a strip of glass for my darkfield microscope.
2 samples were placed on the Spooky Scalar. 1 on the sender, 1 on the receiver. After 30 minutes I exchange positions: The treated sample on the transmitter will be the sending now, and vice versa. Session time 1 hour. I completed the session with Spooky plasma and Bicom therapy. The third sample is followed under the scope.

2nd session (week 2): Same as before but without the urine, only blood samples, curcumin, and tamoxifen.

3rd week she went to the hospital for a prescreening for her second surgery. Staff became nervous. Did n..o..t find any tumor any more. They still are planning the operation, because they don’t believe…….. Today she told me her story. We needed a hot cup of tea to come to our senses.

John and Spooky team members
Thanks again for this wonderful instrument.
I am still wondering: what the heaven did happen.

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Ron Havenaar

Spooky2 Scalar Success Story – Stage 4 Lung Cancer Remission Using Spooky2 Scalar

Stacy Sun

This success story is shared by our Spooky2 user Stacy Sun. She has used Spooky2 treating her breast problem and used Spooky2 Scalar for her sister’s Lung Cancer with great success. After using Spooky2 Scalar for three months, the doctor said that the cancer on her sister’s lung was 70% reduced and the water in lungs was totally gone. What an amazing story!

The following reports are received today from Stacy Sun’s sister. She is having remarkable improvements from Spooky2 Scalar treatment. All Cancer Markers are dropping significantly. The Toumor Marker Test results are shown below:

Stacy Sun

My oncologist gave me the news that my blood markers for the cancer are improving.

Charlie Blanchard

I have been holding back from reporting my latest news. But I hear your plea for results. I have been on chemo for multiple myeloma since diagnosed new year’s eve 2015. My oncologist has no cure, thier treatment protocol would be fatal. I ordered my Scalar in late June & it arrived 11 July. I began using it immediately. Two weeks ago my oncologist gave me the news that my blood markers for the cancer are improving. This since adding Scalar to my therapy. I am basically sleeping in the field at night, and using it much of the day as well. I’ve known subjectively that we feel so much better, have better moods and just in general ‘know something good is happening,’ (hence Stephen’s ‘placebo effect’) however, when my oncologist looks at the blood work results and tells me that the markers have taken a clear turn for the better – I begin to doubt that what we are feeling is just placebo effect. I planned to wait for another couple of months of results before reporting on this, but to say we are excited is a colossal understatement!

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Charlie Blanchard

My mum said this was the first night she has slept through without pain and waking up all the time.

I just got the Spooky2 scalar, really happy. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but my mum said this was the first night she has slept through without pain and waking up all the time. Though I did start following the advice regarding the use of Plasma as well.

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The next day I felt a lot more energy.

Bob Tompkins

The part I am most excited about is the molecular weight transfer to me or imprinting water. We no longer take vitamin pills or aspirin. We imprint water. When I use EOs my hair gets oily. I like garlic but it doesn’t like me. I read someone was using garlic oil. I don’t have any but I have whole garlic. I put one on the input coil and treated water for 2 hours. It upset my stomachs I had to take tums then charcoal capsules to settle it but the next day I felt a lot more energy. Now I imprint my body with it one half hour a day. My sweat has a slight garlic smell.
Bottom line is if you are healthy and don’t take medicine, you make not get much noticeable benefit. I love it.

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Bob Tompkins

And all have noticed some good effect/feeling or other while here.

Charlie Blanchard

I plugged the scalar in immediately upon opening the box and have rarely turned it off. Only when we reposition the receiver to cover our bed at night and retune. We are both very sensitive to energies and we have not herxed with the Scalar. We do not get many visitors, however none have herxed in the time they have spent in the field with us. And all have noticed some good effect/feeling or other while here. We like to show off making structured water and everyone has noticed that the water from the Scalar tastes ‘smoother’ or ‘sweeter.’

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Charlie Blanchard

I have used generic Allegra as I have severe seasonal allergies. It works very well.

I have used generic Allegra as I have severe seasonal allergies. It works very well. Though I still wake with congestion and sneezing. And I usually take one Allegra pill a day. But nothing compared to prior to rifing years ago. I also run an allergy program 24/7. But I still notice a difference with the pill on the receiving plate.

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Suzi Smith

He said that I was most lucky because most people lose the vision in the eye.

This is a follow up to my original report. Went to the retina specialist today – it has been a month since I had a stroke in my eye – and he was very impressed with my progress. He said that the swelling is almost gone and it ‘seems to be healing on its own’. I have been sleeping with the scalar on every night since day 2 of this happening. He said that I was most lucky because most people lose the vision in the eye. I praise the Lord and Spooky2 scalar for my healing.

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I started sleeping better from the first night. My energy level started to increase from the first day.

I have now been using my new Spooky2 Scalar Device using it by itself, for a month. I extended the ground wire do I could put one unit on each side of the bedroom.

After having struggled with Crohn’s disease for the last 60 years, the situation became critical about 5 years ago. At that time I treated the Crohn’s with many different natural treatments with good success but I was unable to build my energy back up, which ment I spent a lot of time lying in bed, too weak to do anything. Like most people with Crohn’s I lived with a constsnt energy deficit. Always trying to eat foods and take supliments that would give me energy and being careful not to run myself down.

Despite my best efforts I couldn’t improve the energy problem, no matter how hard I tried.

In June the Spooky2 team visited Atlanta on their world tour. John White demonstrated the new Scalar Device and after hearing his explanation of how scalar energy effects the body, I immediately realized that scalar energy was the missing link in me Crohn’s treatment.

I immediately ordered the device and have been using it every night in our bedroom for a month.

The results were amazing. I started sleeping better from the first night. My energy level started to increase from the first day. The improvement continues. I am sleeping less, but more restfully. My energy is enabling me to return to a normal life for a person my age and today I rode my bicycle for the first time in seven years.

Thank you John and the Spooky Team. This device has changed my life in one month.

Can’t wait to see what else it can do.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2scalar/permalink/298832734023625/

She felt she slept better with better energy.

First night was just Scalar stand alone.

I felt awesome when I got up energy wise, but very hard to measure. She felt she slept better with better energy.

Will be trying essential oils Frankinsense and Lavender tonight I’m pretty sure. Against natural instincts I’m also trying to test SLOWLY as I’m keen for both Molecular and Rife with Scalar.

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So far the scalar modulated with these samples is working.

We are retired living on SocSecurity in the LA area. There’s very little money for all the supplements we have been taking in conjunction with the Keto eating plan we are having so much success with for my cancer/diabetes. So we are now adding samples in tiny bottles to the coil while we sleep in the field at night. It’s early, however I get severe muscle cramps when I don’t supplement properly and so far the scalar modulated with these samples is working. This will save us a small fortune if it works out in the long run…

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My wife is adamant that her energy after sleeping have increased massively.

I have scans next week, so I’m looking to get some further baseline sizes for my cancer. This is just testing so far with some Lavender essential oil and GC*^F.

Both my wife and I sleep in the field.

My wife is adamant that her energy after sleeping have increased massively.

I feel similar although I do lots to my body so it’s hard to gauge.

I still run plasma during the day and will be looking to start imputing rife into scalar with the molecular killers for my cancer.

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After a half hour my wife told me lavender makes her nose run.

Got my scalar 9 days ago. Haven’t used my plasma since.

I got stung by something yesterday morning. It bothered me all day. This is unusual. Maybe a scorpion because bee stings don’t bother me much. After 10 hours I had had enough and looked for essential oils to help. Tea tree and lavender came up. I applied lavender and put the bottle on the input coil. We were treating sore muscles. After a half hour my wife told me lavender makes her nose run. My sting was feeling much better so I washed it off and removed the bottle from the coil. Within minutes my sting was burning and hurting again so we put tea tree oil bottle on the input coil and soon it felt better again. After an hour my wife said she was removing the bottle. Within 5 minutes it was hurting again. We put the lavender bottle on the coil and the pain went away. Left it all night using just scalar waves. I’m fine this morning.

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I am just getting started using it, but am noticing several good results in only three nights of using it .

I received my Spooky2 Scalar parcel on the late afternoon of August 24 in perfect condition. I am just getting started using it, but am noticing several good results in only three nights of using it as I will tell you about below.

My 17-year old Bichon Frise’s health has been progressively diminishing for several months now. She had lost significant weight; eyesight and hearing failing; labored breathing; and the two days prior to receiving my Spooky2 Scalar, she was up and down both nights crying and whimpering with nothing seeming to relieve her pain. I had just received notice that my Spooky2 Scalar had shipped, so rather than giving up on her and taking her to the vet to put her down, I was hoping she would hold on long enough for Spooky2 Scalar to arrive and give it a try. I set up the Scalar the same night it arrived. I put the dog on the bed in her regular spot—a spot which was not directly in the scalar field. She continued her whimpering and labored breathing for about 5 minutes and then, I guess instinctively, she moved herself and laid right in the middle of the scalar field. She stopped whimpering in about five more minutes and then another ten minutes or so I noticed she was no longer laboring to breath. She slept all night in the field without getting me up once to take her outside to do her business. The next day, she seemed to have a little more energy and ate her food (or gobbled it I should say) and kept her food down without throwing it up. On the subsequent night, she was literally on a trot to get to bed (the trot was unusual for her and has not been seen for some time). She went right to the sweet spot in the scalar field both nights and slept all night. I don’t expect her to be a young pup again, but I would be so grateful if her last days were without pain and with some quality of life.

As for me, I have noticed that I am having a more restful night’s sleep. Perhaps partially because the dog is not getting me up at all hours of the night. I’m also noticing that my joints are not stiff when I first get out of the chair after sitting for 30 minutes or so; and I have noticed I have a little more energy during the day.

Also, I had sliced my lip about a week ago on the edge of an envelope flap. Hard to believe a paper cut can be that painful. It just would not heal with any salves I tried. It hurt and seemed to open up more when I moved my lips—eating or talking. Amazingly, the paper cut healed overnight—with only one night of sleeping in the scalar field.

I am anxious to use it on my 90-year-old mother, but it is going to take a little more convincing before she is willing to use it. She chided me, “what must I be thinking to spend my money on ‘something so crazy’.” But today, after noticing the changes in the dog, she seems a little less skeptical and even is expressing some interest in scalar and asking questions about how it works.

Needless to say, I am impressed with Spooky2 Scalar so far. Thank you.

I believe I am sleeping more soundly.

Yes, I have received my Scalar parcel. I have used it for 3 days and I believe I am sleeping more soundly. Thank you so much for your help  and the online resources. Your work is greatly appreciated.

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