Does anyone know how to detect or measure the scalar energy field?

1. If you are able to tune your Spooky2 Scalar using the recommended methods, and your resonant frequency is up over 5Mhz, then you are pretty certain to have a scalar field.

I set mine up every week in an office covering 3 rooms using a 100′ cable I made up. It tunes to about 5.85Mhz. There are several very sensitive people that say they can feel the field, so you should be fine.

2. Yes, Jeff Kaczor uses the system and its posted on this forum to go to the receiver box, turn on the LED, put your hand over the letters on the outside of the antenna which faces the transmitter box (being about a 1/2″ away from the letters), if it does not dim, you have a scalar field. If it does dim, you have an emf without scalar. Please make sure to turn off the led, and remove the tuning coil after use.  Also, make sure you do not have any stored wire or anything else in the boxes.

For more details, please check the link:

  1. I tried the test by placing my hand as advised and rhe red ring seemed to dim very slightly. My setting is 5.55 so based on the 5.55 it should be scalar but based upon the test it could be emf . Which should I believe?

    • Dear Douglas Wicks, I recommend you warm your Scalar about half an hour and tune again.

      • I have mine running 24 x 7 in my room and when I put my hand on the logo also its dims a bit. it does it no matter what setting I have it on. Is this not working correctly?

        • Dear Colette, as long as you follow the method #1, spooky2 scalar produce scalar field. You can warm up your scalar about half an hour and try again.

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