Spooky2 Scalar Q&A

Q&A: What are the differences between the two tuning methods?

John and Echo

There are two different versions of Spooky2 Scalar for tuning.

Firstly we have tuning PCB that we put on the transmitter coil and then tune until the light goes just start turning on.

And the other way had the lights built into the unit and you tune till it is brightest.

The first one relies on measuring the magnetic field that the transmitter coil was producing when most of the field was being sent down the link cable.

It’s when the scalar field was strongest the magnetic field at that point isn’t very strong so the light is brightest but the other system has the light in the link cable.

This is we want to measure with the signal through the link cable was strongest that’s when the light was brightest.

So what we do is we given instructions on how to do it. Follow the instructions that would be ideal tuning for the scalar don’t worry about the other way for the other methods because they use a different technique altogether.

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