Spooky2 Scalar Q&A

Q&A: Can my wife and I both be in the scalar field simultaneously?

John and Echo

Your wife and you can both be in the scalar field simultaneously. Because you’re living in a life with your wife any away so you are sharing energy in your life.

Inside is not really a difference between being saying scalar field as being saying Ether field.

With me just sitting next Echo now I am on her field.

So it’s no difference between that and being the same field we haven’t seen evidence of diseases being transferred within the scalar field one person to another.

Our energy has already been quantum entangled and there’s no need to worry about that but with strangers, we may not want to share.

In a clinic sitting you wouldn’t want to share the scalar field with another person, it’s next to you. The clinic treatments will be one person a time.

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