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Meditation Music: The Immune System Booster

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? If so, then meditation music is just for you.

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? If so, then meditation music is just for you. This type of music has a magical effect. Not only can it help you to relax, but it gives your immune system a helping hand by increasing alpha and theta brainwave activities, which are generally produced when you are in a state of wakeful rest and feeling extremely relaxed.

The Theory Behind Meditation Music

Meditation music is an audio track using isochronic tones combined with music.

Isochronic tones are consistent, regular beats of a single tone. They are used to stimulate and influence your brainwave activity. This type of brainwave stimulation is known as ‘brainwave entrainment’.

The music stimulates your brain with specific frequencies of isochronic tones which are associated with the immune system, such as the 10.5Hz and 10Hz in alpha, and 7.83Hz (Schumann Resonance – The Earth’s Pulse) and 6.5Hz in theta. The frequency cycle is repeated as the track progresses. Therefore, the longer you listen, the more brainwave activities you will produce in these frequency ranges.

To further stimulate your brainwaves, amplitude modulation has been applied to meditation music and produce soothing vibrations. The meditation music can then sync with the isochronic tones and improve your ability to focus, relax and enjoy deeper sleep.

Meditation music is not only a part of relaxation, but can be the key to a better mind and body.

How does meditation music help boost your immune system?

When we are stressed, both our mental state and body suffer, making us more susceptible to illness and infections. On the other hand, when we are feeling calm, relaxed, and stress-free, our body does its best at natural healing.

A study conducted in 2016 showed that meditation could improve immune system function and make positive changes to immune cells. The study further showed that more experienced meditators received additional benefits because they were able to savor in a peaceful mental state that new meditators find hard to reach.

And this is where meditation music can help you. Meditation music guides you towards more profound and relaxed mental states in an easier way, allowing you to receive the full benefits of rest and meditations.

How to listen to meditation music?

It is always more favorable to play meditation music in a tranquil environment. You can listen with your eyes closed and relax in a place(within the scalar field) where you feel cozy. Adjust the volume to a level that you feel comfortable. It shouldn’t be so loud as it may hurt your hearing or become too distracting.

Headphones or earphones are not required, but you can still use them if you wish.

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  1. Herman Bos says:

    Where can i find this music?

    1. Gene Johnson says:

      please send meditation music

      1. Hi Gene. You can search the keywords on our YouTube to find related frequencies that may help you:

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