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How to Make Your Own Scalar Presets Using the Scalar Shell Preset

There are two types of built-in presets in the Spooky2 software: Factory Presets (that contain frequencies) and Shell Presets (without frequencies). When we want to make our own customized presets, we can make them out of Shell Presets.

Let’s say I need a preset for sleep. Here’s how I build a scalar preset for it.

First, I click the Presets tab. In the Presets column on the left, I select >Shell (Empty) Presets.

Now the Presets column on the left fills with the names of all presets contained in this collection. Since I want a scalar preset, I click the >Scalar subcollection.

Next, I select the Spooky Scalar General (SS) – JW preset. Its preset notes appear in the Notes column to the right and its settings load into the Settings tab.

Also, because this preset contains no programs (I must add these myself in the next step), the designation Shell Preset appears above the Notes, and the Programs column is empty. Now I click the Programs tab:

Enter sleep into the Search field, then choose appropriate programs.

I double-click each program that I want to load. They will appear in the Loaded Programs column on the lower left.

I return to the Presets tab, and add some information for myself in the Notes column. Then, click the Save button.

The Select Preset Destination and Name dialog below opens. Here, I’ve used the New Folder command to create one new folder (highlighted pale blue) for Scalar first. Double-click the Scalar folder to place the preset inside that folder.

In the File name field, I type: SS – Sleep – Linda, and click Save.

The SS is to remind me that this is a Scalar preset when I’m working in the Control tab.

It’s very important to name your presets like this so there’s never any confusion about which transmission mode it’s designed for – because inadvertently running contact or remote presets can damage a Spooky Scalar. Better to be safe than sorry.

Return to Presets and click the User button, then the >Scalar sub-collection. Here’s my new preset and you can see its programs.

One thought on “How to Make Your Own Scalar Presets Using the Scalar Shell Preset

  1. Jane Dunkin says:

    You stated that running a program on the Scalar that has been set up for either contact or remote – can harm the scalar unit ? Is there anyway to learn more about that ? What are the contraindications of making a mistake ?
    So far – I have run Rife programs on Scalar – only by choosing SCALAR in the set up (assuming that was necessary to deliver frequencies into Scalar Field) I did not know that I could damage the unit by choosing the wrong settings… ?

    I don’t have time to follow Facebook – hard to find what I am looking for … ?


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