Spooky2 Scalar Biofeedback Scan Q&A

How to do Scalar Biofeedback Scan Using Hunt and Kill Preset

Biofeedback is a way of finding out what frequencies are best suited to your body. Spooky2 Scalar is the only Scalar device capable of doing biofeedback scan. Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer measures tiny changes in the scalar field during a scalar frequency scan. Scalar biofeedback requires the use of two generators. GX is two generators in one. G2 modulates the Scalar field, and G1 measures the response.

What is Hunt and Kill Preset?

This preset begins with a short biofeedback scan. The hits are then run on an allocated generator. In the subsequent scan/run cycles, the previous hits are re-analyzed. Pathogens which are mutated are found and hit again. It does not matter how far the pathogens run. They will be found. And they will become targets. This preset keeps refining the first scan results and runs automatically until it is manually stopped or no hits are detected.

How to do Scalar Biofeedback Scan Using Hunt and Kill Preset

Step 1: Hardware
1. Connect Scalar Digitizer to the link cable port on the Scalar Transmitter.

2. Connect the link cable and power cable to Spooky2 Scalar Transmitter.

3. Connect G1 Out1 to the Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer BNC port.

4. Connect G2 Out1 to the Spooky2 Scalar Transmitter BNC port.

5. Connect GX to the computer and short press the Power button to turn on GX.

6. Turn on and tune your Spooky2 Scalar.

Tip: GX must not be in the Scalar field, because the case and electronics in GX are metal, which will distort the field. Please keep GX 1m away from Spooky2 Scalar Transmitter, and 1m from the scalar field.

Step 2: Software
1. Launch the Spook2 software. Please take a note for the corresponding port numbers for G1 and G2, which can be seen on the GX display. In this example, G1 is Port 36 and G2 is Port 37.

2. Select the Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer Hunt and Kill Slave preset, and then go to the Settings tab. In the Output Shadowing frame, set ‘Output = [x]’, x = the port number of G1. Here, x=36.

3. Go to the Control tab, tick Overwrite Generator and choose G2 (Port 37) to load the settings.

4. Then, go back to the Presets tab. Select the Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer Hunt and Kill Master preset, go to the Control tab, tick Overwrite Generator, and choose G1 (Port 36) to load the preset.

5. Lie between the two scalar units, and ask an assistant to click the Scan button to start the biofeedback scan.

G1 will start, but no frequencies will be produced. Instead, the amount of Scalar energy being absorbed for each frequency by the body will be recorded. G2 will automatically start, causing Spooky2 Scalar to transmit the generator frequencies.

After the biofeedback scan, G2 will automatically run the hits. Once this has completed, the scan/run cycle will repeat until stopped OR no more hits are detected.

It is best to lie perfectly still, and only have one person in the scalar field. This field extends outward, so ensure no living organism is nearby.

1. It is important to make a note which port numbers correspond to G1 and G2 before running a biofeedback.
2. Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer Hunt and Kill Master preset performs the recording. Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer Hunt and Kill Slave preset supplies the frequencies for Spooky2 Scalar modulation.
3. We suggest using G1 with Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer Hunt and Kill Master preset.
Do you need help with other problems about scalar biofeedback scan? Feel free to leave your comment below.

19 thoughts on “How to do Scalar Biofeedback Scan Using Hunt and Kill Preset

  1. Timothy Kirby says:

    Youtube link not working. I recently bought a Spooky 2 and got a set up email and none of the youtube links worked either.

    Would be good to sort out this issue your end.

  2. Martijn says:

    Will the BFB -as described above- run immediately after pressing the startbutton or is there a start delay of fifteen seconds in which I have time to leap into my bed? Same kind of question as Chris Lin (March 13, 2022) which was not answered unfortunately. I too would like to run the scan and the results overnight when lying in bed.

  3. Audrey Leow says:

    How to do a remote scalar biofeedback scan?

    1. Hi Audrey. Spooky2 does not offer any type of remote biofeedback scan. Application of scan results can be done remotely; but to first get that data, you need to have the person physically present.

      Also, you cannot perform other biofeedback scans whilst in the scalar field, since they use different detecting ways and the field will affect the scan results. For example, Spooky2 Pulse detects your heartbeats, which would be affected by the scalar field. However, Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer measures tiny changes to the scalar field during scalar frequency scans, while GeneratorX records how the electrical signal behaves, so only Scalar Digitizer can do biofeedback scan in the scalar field.

  4. Chris Lin says:

    Hi. If this program will stop automatically after no hits are detected is it safe to set up over my bed and leave it running through the night while I sleep?

  5. JOHN CLAYDON says:

    when I run the progam after about 15 minutes a short horn like sound come from the PC and I can see the frquencies have stopped being generated. If I click on the G1 small sqare just under overwrite generator tick box a list of frequencies are displayed but the only evidence the program is running is the digtal clocks next to pre set and current chain duration are still counting up in time. The geen box at the bottom right of the screen is displaying stationary waveforms. This is all on the control tab display. So what is happening after the apparent stoppage of the program after the short horn sound ?

    1. Dear John, so sorry for our late reply. If you do a hunt and kill biofeedback scan, you don’t need to manually run the scan results. This preset keeps refining the first scan results and runs automatically until it is manually stopped or no hits are detected. If you do a general scalar biofeedback scan, please go to this link:https://www.spooky2scalar.com/how-to-do-scalar-biofeedback-scan-using-spooky2-digitizer/

  6. James McKellar says:

    Can we disconnect from the computer after scan, save the scan and use GenX alone

    1. No. This preset keeps refining the first scan results and runs automatically until it is manually stopped or no hits are detected.

      1. Hector says:

        Just do a conventional bfb, save the results and manually load the to GEN X.

  7. Dustin says:

    when i use the digitizer, the tuning point is lower than usual, around 4.95 MHZ, when usually without digitizer it’s around 5.5. Is this normal?

  8. beulah bonugli says:

    i did not save the biofeedback scan as i had enabled the “after run hits”
    do i save when there are no more hits?
    once there are no more hits is it worthwhile to immediately run another biofeedback or would you recommend i run the terrain protocol. i have cancer.

    1. Dear beulah bonugli, the scan result will run automatically after the scan finishes. I recommend that you run the terrain protocol first. It carefully steps through the detoxification process, removing heavy metals, chemicals, systemic toxins and parasites. Liver, kidney and lymphatic function are also improved. You can also try molecular scalar, learn more from here: https://www.spooky2scalar.com/reviews/

  9. beulah bonugli says:

    do i need to remove the digitizer after the scan if so that disables the BNZ cable to G2.
    i want the after scan to run continuously

    1. Dear beulah bonugli, Spooky2 Scalar will run the scan results automatically. And you don’t need to unplug the Scalar Digitizer.

  10. Wayne says:

    Is it necessary to sit in the scalar field until no more hits are detected?

    1. Dear Wayne, you don’t have to sit in the scalar field until no more hits are detected. You can shorten the time by resettling the scan options in control tab-biofeedback scan-after scan-repeat. The default is 0 for repeat which means it will run continuously until no more hits are found. You can set the value to 2-3, so it would only repeat 2-3 times.

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