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Health Benefits Of Allspice Essential Oil

About Allspice Essential Oil

Allspice, also known as Pimento in the Caribbean islands, is a big evergreen shrub and is native to some countries of the Caribbean Islands and South America. Allspice is not a combination of all spices, it’s actually just one. That’s because allspice has a flavor reminiscent of a blend of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. To make allspice essential oil, the berries and leaves of the evergreen are steam distilled, and getting allspice in essential oil form is a wonderful way to enjoy all of its benefits.

Health Benefits of Allspice Essential Oil

For its different properties, allspice essential oil is acting as an analgesic, antioxidant, antiseptic, relaxant and more. Here are some of the health benefits of using allspice essential oil:

  • Analgesic: For the analgesic property of this oil, there will be a numbing effect on the nerves while using it, and it will not allow them to sense pain to the brain, therefore providing relief from pains, such as the ones from headaches, cold, sinusitis, and others.
  • Antiseptic: While using the oil, the antiseptic property of this oil can help to disinfect the wounds against infections, inhibits bacterial growth and prevent bacteria from entering open wounds. This is particularly effective for preventing cuts from turning septic or catching tetanus which can be quite dangerous. Meanwhile, researchers have used them for treating skin conditions such as acne,  oral complaint and gum and dental treatments, and gained great results.
  • Antioxidant: Allspice is rich in antioxidants. This means it can actually slow the aging process by neutralizing free radicals or oxidants. We know that oxidants, which is also known as free radicals, are responsible for the age-related problem like the weakening of the muscles. But for the numerous naturally occurring nutrients(including vitamin C) in this oil, allspice essential oil is a powerful antioxidant that can combat free radicals and prevent damage to the cells caused by oxidization. With its antioxidant property, allspice essential oil can be effective in countering these risks and help you live a younger life.
  • Relaxant: The sedative properties of this essential oil can help reduce stress and anxiety, ease nervous afflictions, relax your body and calm your mind. It can also effectively relieve one from cramps and spasms. And if you are suffering from sleep disorder or insomnia, the allspice essential oil can also help you to fall asleep.
  • Stimulant: Allspice essential oil can help maintain good metabolism by stimulating the blood circulation, digestion, and secretions in your body. Meanwhile, it also promotes the growth and regeneration of cells. What’s more, if you have a fair complexion, the stimulating property of this oil can actually increase the blood circulation below your skin, thus giving you a blushing look.
  • Nutrition: As this essential oil is made from a naturally growing and edible corn, it can be consumed safely. You can either add it into tea or your diet. Therefore you will be able to get some of the nutrition from this substance.
  • Tonic: For a great lot of natural goodness it contains, allspice essential oil may act as a tonic to strengthen your immune system and boost your body’s natural healing system.

Using Allspice Essential Oil with Spooky2 Scalar

The Scalar signal can be enhanced by placing a substance on the Input coil. The molecules within the sample will change the signal between the lids. And you get the curative effect of the chemical. Now you can place Allspice essential oil on the Input coil (Receiver Coil) to receive the benefits that it provides.

Please use a glass container for Allspice essential oil without a plastic lid or paper label.

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