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Do You Know What Water Knows?

Water is a necessity for all life on earth. You can survive for up to two months without food. However, you will not live more than three days without water. We drink a lot of water every day, as recommended by health experts, but most people do not realize the potential of water beyond its importance for survival.

Does Water Have Memory?

Back in the 1980s, a French scientist did an experiment. He first diluted solutions of antibodies until no trace of biomolecules could be found. Then, he put white blood cells into these solutions. People predicted the white blood cells to stay where they are, but surprisingly, they were activated to produce an immune response as if the solutions carry the antibodies. It was as though the water molecules somehow retained a memory of the antibodies that they had previously been in contact with so that a biological effect remained when the antibodies were no longer present. This incredible phenomenon was later called the “water memory.”

Water memory is water’s ability to retain a memory of substances previously dissolved in it even after several times of dilutions. Scientists believe that water memory comes from the structure of water. The solute has a weak electromagnetic field that can alter how hydrogen bonds form between water molecules, and water somehow has the power to retain this structure for some time.

Imprinting Water

Imprinting water, like water memory, is another technique to change water structures. The principle is to inject energy into the water to create the intended formation and effect. A famous Japanese scientist experimented that if you say good things to or praise water, it solidifies into beautiful, symmetric, and smooth crystals while freezing. On the contrary, if you say bad things to water, it turns into ugly, irregular shapes while freezing. Indeed, the energy put into the water will imprint it and change its structure.

Applications of Water Memory and Imprinting Water

Some media described water memory as a scientific victory of homeopathy because patients do not have to buy expensive medicines all the time if they know how to imprint water. All they have to do is to buy one pill, dilute it in distilled water, and then drink the water. Just one tablet could last for a long time for the patients. Besides saving money, water memory also reduces the side effects of medicines as patients are not actually taking the pills anymore.

Imprinting water can do more than water memory. Water memory requires solutes and dilutions, but imprinting only needs some energy that surrounds you all the time. For example, if you want to cheer yourself up, you can pray sincerely to a cup of water and drink it. The water will deliver the message to your body, and you will feel better as if you have taken a “joy pill.” You can also use Scalar to imprint rife frequencies to your water so that it carries healing ability to help you recover from diseases.

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The theory of water memory and water imprinting are revolutionary scientific findings. Now, you know the techniques, hopefully, you can drink water more wisely.

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