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A Better Home for Stray Animals: Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation with Whispaws

As a company emphasizing giving back, Spooky2 has launched the $3 Program and established the Global Aid Foundation to help those in need. We have already supported many people and non-profit charity organizations around the world in the past years because we care about all creatures living on the planet with us.

Animals are also important in our daily lives, especially dogs who serve and accompany us. Today, let us learn about a sanctuary for abandoned animals in Serbia and what Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation has done for it.

What is Whispaws?

Whispaws is a charity that was registered in the UK in 2020. After saving their first stray dog, Jimi, they started their calling to rescue more animals. There are a lot of abandoned animals in Serbia; most of them are dogs because neutering is usually considered unnecessary, unhealthy, or expensive. Whispaws intends to help stray animals by providing medical care, regular food, safe spaces, and forever homes as often as possible.

Since its establishment, Whispaws has done lots of work including saving many dogs from the streets, sterilizing cats in the local area, and building a big and safe place for dogs. However, due to the large number of abandoned dogs, Whispaws still faces difficulties saving more animals.

What is the Next Move?

Currently, Whispaws has a barn with only one enclosure for 14 dogs, who also have a large garden to run around, but there is no separate room for them to relax and get medical treatment. Whispaws is planning to renovate their garage, adding two more enclosures to keep more animals and complete medical isolation, and use a small room to the side of the garage as a medical area. If this plan works, Whispaws will be able to rescue more animals and provide them with a better environment. One of the advantages of the garage is that it belongs to Whispaws and there is also a place for humans to live with the animals 24/7, so it is a forever sanctuary for the animals!

The renovation project requires a budget of thousands of pounds, excluding the monthly operating costs. On behalf of the Spooky2 community, we have donated to the project, but one can never cover all of it. The fire burns high when everyone brings wood to it. We sincerely invite you to join us to help the cute creatures that live in sorrow.

If there are non-profit organizations or people in your community that need help, don’t hesitate to send us a message via the link below. We will donate to them after proper investigations. Your help can also make a big difference!


We are always here to help you.

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