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5 Powerful Ways to Balance Your Chakras

The term “chakra” originates from the Sanskrit word for wheel, representing energy centers that reside in different parts of the body. Imbalance in these chakras can lead to mental and physical health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. So, how can we restore balance when our chakras are out of alignment?

What Are Chakras

Chakras are energy centers along your spine, from the perineum to the crown of your head. Each chakra is linked to a unique color and element. Imbalance in these chakras can affect mood, concentration, and overall health.

Ways to Balance Your Chakras

Fortunately, various methods can help re-balance the chakras, promoting a sense of well-being. Many individuals choose to focus on the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, which respectively influence survival and stability, creativity and sexuality, and self-esteem and self-worth.


Specific yoga poses can help address the current state of particular chakras.

To balance the root chakra, attempt the tree pose: Begin standing, shift weight to one foot for stability, and bring the other to your ankle, calf, or inner thigh. Lengthen your spine and raise your hands at your heart or extend them upward.

For sacral chakra balancing, consider the garland pose: You can modify this deep squat with or without a block for stability while opening your knees wide and maintaining a straight back.

To balance the solar plexus, try the boat pose: Leaning back from a seated position and lifting your legs engages the abdominal muscles and the solar plexus to maintain the pose.

Nature Walk

A nature walk is an effective chakra healing technique. For balance in the third chakra, you can pay more attention to the beauty around you and take in as much of it as possible, such as focusing on the sounds of birds and the scent of the air. This practice can bring you into the present moment and aid in releasing any held anxiety or stress.

To balance the second chakra, seek opportunities for self-nurturing during your walk. Engage in activities such as massaging your hands or embracing a tree, as these actions can promote a sense of nurturing and comfort, helping to restore balance to the second chakra.

Candle Healing

To practice this method, you will need either a red or orange candle. Orange corresponds to the sacral chakra, while red aligns with the root chakra. Begin by lighting the candle and sitting with your eyes closed. Concentrate on the candle’s flame and endeavor to imagine the chakra you are focusing on as you breathe in and out. If working with the root chakra, concentrate on fostering feelings of safety, security, and stability. For the sacral chakra, seek to evoke a sense of creativity and nurturing. When you feel ready to conclude the meditation, extinguish the candle.


Meditation is one of the best chakra healing techniques, as it can help bring all your chakras back into balance. To begin, find a quiet and comfortable space. Start by focusing on your breath, allowing it to become slow and deep. As you meditate, visualize each chakra starting from the base of the spine and moving up to the crown of the head. Envision each chakra as a spinning wheel of energy, and imagine them aligning and becoming balanced. Through regular meditation, people can enhance the energy flowing within the body, promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Energy Healing with Spooky2 Scalar

Healing scalar energy can charge cells, offering them the necessary energy to open and eliminate blockages. Once these blockages are cleared, our bodies can restore energy flow, allowing the chakras (energy centers) to return to a balanced and healthy state. It is just like removing a fallen tree from a riverbed to restore the water flow. As the saying goes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, “When qi and blood circulate smoothly, there is no pain or condition.”

Scalar energy not only can balance chakras on its own but can also be combined with Rife frequencies to further open and activate your chakras. By running the frequencies of the seven chakras and delivering therapeutic scalar energy to the body, the chakras can achieve balance more rapidly, alleviating emotional and physical discomfort and promoting overall well-being.

User Testimonials

“My chakras had significant improvement after using Spooky2 Scalar for 45 mins.”

In conclusion, an imbalance in our chakras can easily compromise our physical and mental well-being. Therefore, achieving chakra balance is crucial for our overall health. In addition to practicing yoga and regular meditation to balance the chakras, you can also use Spooky2 Scalar to release energy in each of your chakras, aiding in a faster, more subtle restoration of your overall health.

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